Laundry service in Arabian Ranches - Dubai

Arabian Ranches Laundry Service

Atlas laundry has been providing laundry service in Arabian Ranches since 2003 and we are proudĀ  of having more than 150 customer in the area. [formcraft id=’2′] We are delivering laundry service in the following area in Arabian Ranches Laundry & Dry cleaning services
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Remove stains by Atlas Laundry

How to remove stains

Stains can be chemically bonded to the material and cannot be removed without damaging the material itself. Important thing is to avoid stains setting on the fabric which you want to remove. Avoid heat like ironing on it or pressing or folding or exposing it to the sun. This requires
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Tumble Drying techniques

Tumble drying

Tumble drying is also to be taken into consideration for smooth ironing of clothe. If you are putting your clothes for a long time in the dryer machine then ironing becomes very tough so you can can use EASY GO spray which you can order from the supermarket. Most people should dry cot
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How to was clothes

Washing technique

When it come to washing make adopt the following techniques When washing cotton clothes make sure you spray KIWI on the collar and then put it for prewash and then the main wash cycle should be for more that 40 minutes depending upon the model of the washing machine. Washing machine h
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