Wash and Fold laundry service

Wash and fold Promotion. Just for You!

No Time? No Problem Let us take care of it. Promotional offers on wash and fold service from Atlas Laundry. Please your order now.
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upholstery cleaning service by Atlas Laundry

Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning requires advanced steam suction machines. Our skilled workers remove any old stains or dirt from the fabric. We clean all kinds of sofas, Seats, Back rest pillows, Sofa pillows, Sofa covers etc. Please give us a call if you need such services. Our team will come, s
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Stain removal - Atlas Laundry

Stain removal

Stain is bad news on your expensive clothes or the time when you get ready for office and while having breakfast you end up dropping something on your white or blue shirt. Specially when it comes to kids they stain their clothes very often and you don’t know what to do. The toug
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Laundry pick up and deliver

Pick & Deliver

  We deliver what we promise to our clients when it come to laundry service. At time’s if we are overloaded with delivery schedule we make sure we inform our clients in advance. We have more than 800 happy customers in new Dubai. We are known for our friendly staff and very
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Carpet shampoo Dubai

Carpet shampoo

Carpet shampoo needs to be done very carefully specially the hand made once. We only use German chemical which is the best carpet shampoo in the world. After cleaning you will realise the softness of the material and good fragrance.  Carpet cleaning requires regulated suction control
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Steam pressing service

Steam pressing

Our steam pressing machines are all Italian make and they do the best job. Setting the right steam pressure is a skilled job with Atlas laundry has been doing since decades, our skilled workers precisely know what pressure to put in different fabric so that an extra shine should not b
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Laundry washing


Power washing requires state of the art machine and expertise to load clothes according to the machine cycle needed. Atlas laundry employees have more than 18 years of experience in washing and cleaning fabric of different kinds. Co lour clothes have to be separated from the white onc
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Dubai dry cleaning services

Curtain cleaning

We have over 20 years of experience on curtain cleaning. We have immense experience in understanding the material the curtain is made up of. So we understand what needs dry cleaning or hand wash. Wrong move or experiments on your material may lead to shrinking or wear and tear in the
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Dry cleaners in Dubai

Dry cleaning

We use top quality German made chemical to give extra protection to your expensive clothes when it comes to dry cleaning services. Bad quality chemical can spoil the shine of your clothes which you may notice over a period of time. Many laundries in order to cost cut they use local ch
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